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I thought that it would be useful to compile Blogger Theme template view data here as I am always asked via email by my followers & blog subscribers on other options that Blogger provides in customizing their blog template views.

These view data sets is available in any Blogger theme. At a Blogger page > Right Click > select Inspect > scroll to the very bottom of view-source under _WidgetManager._SetDataContext() Blogger settings objects.


Available globally in Theme > Edit HTML. Some data view object values depends on the availability of Mobile Template view settings at Theme > Mobile Template > Settings.

These data view objects also combines Dynamic Theme template settings when it is enabled/used.

  'name': 'view',
    'isMobile': boolean, 
    'title': text, /* blog page title */
    'description': text, /* blog page search description */
    'featuredImage': url, /* fully qualified post image URL */
    'url': url, /* fully qualified blog page canonical URL */
    'type': pageType, /* item, index, static_page etc */
    'isSingleItem': boolean, 
    'isMultipleItems': boolean, 
    'isError': boolean, 
    'isPage': boolean, 
    'isPost': boolean, 
    'isHomepage': boolean, 
    'isArchive': boolean, 
    'isLabelSearch': boolean, 
    'postId': integer, /* blog post id */
    'isPreview': boolean,
    'isMultipleItems' : boolean,
    'isSingleItem' : boolean,
    'isArchive' : boolean,
    'isLabelSearch' : boolean,
    'isSearch' : boolean,
    'isLabelSearch' : boolean 

How to use on Blogger Theme > Edit HTML

These data view can be used with any Blogger expression tags. Example usages :-

<!-- check title data availability in view data object -->
<b:if cond='data:view.title'>

  <!-- print out the title data values with a <h1/> tag --> 
  <h1><data:view.title /></h1>


Example Output 

A blog page title with an <h1> tag.


  1. Widget Tags for Layout - Blogger Help Articles
  2. Adding new expressions to Blogger templates - Official Blogger Blog


If I have left something out or possible new updates by Blogger Team, please leave a comment below.

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  1. For the first time I have changed the theme that are meant to be the part of the using this phone. It has been so interesting and new for me to change the theme whenever I want to.


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